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The Latin American Journal of Clinical Social Work is constituted as a meeting space for the exchange of knowledge and knowledge regarding this disciplinary specialty and its related areas. We are the first magazine on Clinical Social Work in Spanish speaking worldwide and the first magazine on this disciplinary field in Latin America, the Caribbean and Ibero-America. The main objective is the dissemination of knowledge  specialized in Latin American Clinical Social Work, as well as in other related contexts where this form of Social Work is currently being developed. Our journal is made up of a national editorial committee and an international advisory committee, who are clinical social workers and / or Social Work professionals with postgraduate training in the therapeutic field, in addition, many of them are representatives of Universities, Clinical Centers or participate representing to trade associations at the international level. We hope to give visibility to the clinical-therapeutic work carried out by Social Work professionals, both in Chile, as well as at a Latin American and global level; from a contemporary, critical, political and socially responsible perspective. Currently our magazine is part of the Network of Academic Journals of Social Work in Chile. Finally, we point out that the three specific objectives of this magazine are:

  1. Document theoretical and / or experiential clinical work through research, clinical systematization or critical reflection.

  2. Strengthen Clinical Social Work and the therapeutic identity of social workers in Latin America and the Caribbean or in other related contexts.

  3. Provide a space for scientific and disciplinary dissemination that is open and free for the development, promotion and visibility of Clinical Social Work and its relevant areas of professional practice.


Volumen 3, N°1 -- Convocatoria Abierta para la edición respectiva, la cual tiene un formato de publicación "continuada". Por lo cual, los artículos que han completado todo el proceso serán publicados directamente. Se espera que esté completo este número finales de Julio del presente año. Te invitamos a ser parte de esta historia, no te pierdas esta oportunidad para contribuir al desarrollo de esta especialidad en América Latina y países afines.

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Volumen 2, N°1 -- Esta edición tendrá un formato de publicación "continuada" por lo cual, los artículos que han completado todo el proceso serán publicados directamente. Se espera que esté completa a principios de diciembre del presente año.


Volume 1, N ° 1 - To download the complete issue go to current issue at the top of this page.

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