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Advanced training

As ICHTSC we are interested in offering advanced training, through diploma programs;  with the purpose of  train professionals in Social Work and other professions in the most current developments in theory, research  and practice  Social Work clinic, both locally and internationally. We are currently in direct collaboration with the Spanish Institute of Clinical Social Work  and the Center for New Opportunities for Change in Puerto Rico , in addition to other international contacts.  This has made it possible to strengthen our programs with international teachers, while on the other hand, we have an advanced professional team in postgraduate training and significant clinical experience, contributing to the situated development of  a qualified, ethically committed clinical practice  and socially responsible. Our advanced training programs  They are aimed mainly at social workers, but we also have quotas for other professions. Our research interests are linked  to critical praxis, to the development and continuity of  the disciplinary history of Clinical Social Work, both in Chile and in other countries; At the same time, we seek to consolidate work with individuals, families and groups from contemporary perspectives, and mainly with those populations that experience situations of oppression, vulnerability, precariousness and discrimination. Our clinical perspective is broad, integrative and multiparadigmatic, since we are interested in maintaining a practice that responds to the current world, to public and private settings, and that is committed to Social Justice.

Some lines of consolidation are:

  • History of Clinical Social Work in Chile and in international contexts

  • Trauma-Informed Clinical Social Work

  • Clinical Social Work with the Child-Youth population

  • Narrative Therapy in Clinical Social Work

  • Anti-oppressive Practice in Clinical Social Work

  • Collective Clinical Social Work

  • Critical Clinical Social Work

  • Strategies and Clinical Approaches in Serious Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Intrafamily Violence

  • Strategies and Clinical Approaches for working with Women affected by experiences of Trauma

  • Problematic Consumption  Drug and Mental Health

  • Clinical Social Work in Contexts of Vulnerability, Precariousness and Social Exclusion

  • Contemporary approaches  in Clinical Social Work with Families

  • Collaborative and Narrative Clinical Supervision

Diplomado Internacional en Terapia Narrativa y Trabajo Comunitario, II Versión, 2024. (Pos

International Diploma in Clinical Social Work: For contemporary therapeutic practice with individuals, families and groups

Online - 2021

Application Closed

Systematic, high-quality training program, with unpublished bibliographic materials, and enriched by the integration between theory, research, methodology and clinical supervision. We hope to be able to cultivate this professional community with the intention of continuing to promote various clinical practices that are antiopressive, ethically collaborative, transparent, sensitive to gender aspects and non-pathologizing, since our subsequent intention is to be able to generate knowledge that is translated into professional practices that are applicable and translated to different people, families and groups,  in the different fields of professional performance, which involves mental health, community work, education and psychosocial programs or other new clinical or therapeutic scenarios under construction.

Copia de Diplomado Internacional en trabajo Social Clínico(3).png

Diplomado Internacional en Trabajo Social Clínico: Para la práctica terapéutica contemporánea con personas, familias y colectivos

Online - Versión V - 2024

Convocatoria Abierta

II Convocatoria: Desde el 01 Enero hasta el 08 de marzo del 2024

Programa formativo sistemático, de alta calidad, con materiales bibliográficos inéditos, y enriquecido por la integración entre la teoría, investigación, metodología y supervisión clínica. Esperamos poder cultivar esta comunidad profesional con la intensión de seguir promoviendo diversas prácticas clínicas que sean antiopresivas, éticamente colaborativas, transparentes, sensibles a los aspectos de género y no patologizantes, ya que nuestra intensión ulterior es poder generar saberes que se traduzcan en prácticas profesionales que sean aplicables y traducidas a diferentes personas, familias y colectivos,  en los diferentes ámbitos de desempeño profesional, lo cual involucra la salud mental, el trabajo comunitario, la educación y programas psicosociales u otros nuevos escenarios clínicos o terapéuticos en construcción.

Postítulo Internacional de Especialización en Trauma(2).png

Postítulo Internacional de Especialización en Trauma: Estudios Clínicos y Prácticas Terapéuticas Contemporáneas

Online - Versión II - 2023

Postulación Abierta

II Convocatoria: Desde el 31 de enero hasta el 08 de abril del 2023

Programa pionero y único en América Latina, el cual está comprometido con la práctica terapéutica informada por el Trauma desde una perspectiva transdisciplinaria e integrativa.Somos un programa pionero sobre trauma, el primero dirigido por profesionales del Trabajo Social Clínico para los y las colegas de América Latina e Iberoamérica, y el único con formación crítica, política y contemporánea de la práctica terapéutica informada por el Trauma. Este es un programa transdisciplinario, en donde trabajadores sociales clínicos, psicólogos clínicos y otros profesionales de la salud mental formamos y enseñamos democráticamente un ejercicio terapéuticos focalizado en dar respuestas para el trauma

General considerations

In our country, the National Accreditation Commission (CNA) only accredits training that grants  academic degree (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate). As a consequence of this, it is not possible  accredit diplomas, postgraduates or courses. Under the current legislation of the country, there is no regulation of clinical practice (there is no clinical social worker title or license), as in the United States where clinical licenses are issued that allow the regulation of therapeutic practice to different professions. Today, this is an incipient field, but one that from an ethical point of view requires the qualified development of clinical practice, which is  destined  to guarantee the essential knowledge for the practice of Clinical Social Work and that it does justice to the care of individuals, families and groups.  

Our Institute is  registered in the Public Market Portal and Chile Compras as a State supplier. 

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