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The call for our second volume (volume 2, number 2, semester 2, year 2021) will begin from May to October 31 of this year. The publication date of the second number will be made in the month of December 2021.

Formal requirements:

All articles must contain the following indications as a kitten:

  1. Article Title.- Indicate centered in font (letter) Arial, capital letter size 16. (This must also be in English)

  2. Author (s) or Authors.- Mention full name from the center of the page to the right, and a footnote must be made that includes the section that follows.

  3. Curricular antecedents of the authors or author.- These must be cited with a footnote and ordered according to direct participation, the antecedents include: professional title, academic degree (s), institution they represent , especially the one related to the subject of the article and include work email. (Example: Social Worker from the University of Chile. Master in XXXXX. Professor at the University of Chile. Expert in mental health issues.

  4. Summary in Spanish. - This must not exceed 400 words.

  5. Abstract and Keywords in English.

  6. All articles must include keywords that must be at the end of the document: Indicate 4 keywords that reflect the content to be exhibited. Example. Trauma - Mental Health - Family - Clinical Practice.

  7. The minimum length is 12 pages, maximum 30, in the case of research articles, systematization, theoretical clinical reflection or related. In the case of bibliographic reviews, notes or other similar they should not exceed 6 pages.
  8. The Font is Arial, size 12, 1.5 spacing for the writing of the document.

  9. There must be within the keywords the word: Social Work or Clinical Social Work (If not included, the editors incorporate it)


Requirements on notes and bibliographic references:

  • Notes should be placed at the foot of the page following the numbering. Footnotes are used to clarify an idea or concept or to refer to brief additional information. Please do not saturate the text with footnotes, nor should bibliographic sources be incorporated at the bottom of the page.

  • The bibliographic references within the text and at the end of the article must be made according to the standardized format of the IChTSC publication standards. (Visit the publication rules section)

  • Only references or bibliographic sources that are cited in the text should be used.



Admission of articles:

Submitted papers must be original and have not been submitted to another journal for selection (except for translations of texts). The works must be accompanied by the letter of request for publication and must be signed by the author (s), who will also assume ethical responsibility for the content of the article. The letter must be digitized and sent, together with the work, to the email , with a copy to institute @ . For its part, the editorial committee of the magazine will acknowledge receipt of the work to whom it corresponds and will inform of its acceptance, partial acceptance with observations of improvements or rejection.


Review, evaluation and publication:

The director of the journal will entrust the national or international advisory committee when appropriate, to review the articles received, as long as they comply with the formal requirements established above. Each article received will be reviewed by at least two members of the respective committee, who will ensure that its originality, relevance, clinical disciplinary identity, updating, academic and professional relevance, added to the methodological rigor and correct use of the citation standards established in Magazine.


Those who have reviewed the texts will evaluate the work and may suggest to the magazine's management its acceptance for publication, its partial acceptance with comments for improvement, or rejection of the work. For those whose works have been accepted with observations, they must commit to correcting the observations according to the suggestions indicated in the evaluation rubric. The deadline for corrections will be 10 days once the suggestions have been sent, therefore, once the deadline has expired, it must be sent again to our aforementioned emails. The magazine's management will provide a proof of publication to those who have been accepted in their work, and their article will be published in our magazine online according to the number of the respective call.

New editorial incorporation: In case the article has an acceptance evaluation and a rejection evaluation, it will be sent to a third evaluation in order to determine the final verdict. If a post has 2 rejected reviews, you won't be able to continue the process.

Articles will be privileged where the emphasis is on the identity of Social Work and specifically the Clinical identity for our journal, whether in research, systematization, theoretical essay, etc. This is due to commitments made with the Network of Chilean Social Work Magazines, which are currently working on a disciplinary reinforcement plan.  

The periodicity of the publications is biannual, with 2 publications per year. Accepted papers will be published on the website: ; in the section of the last current issue, and later they will go to the web repository. Our journal does not provide any kind of monetary transaction to the authors for their work, being it is an open, free, public and freely accessible journal.

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