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Topics and Scope

The Latin American Journal of Clinical Social Work is a semi-annual electronic journal, which  Its main objective is to promote and make visible the advances in disciplinary scientific knowledge of Clinical Social Work in various Latin American and Caribbean countries, as well as in the related contexts where this specialty of the profession is being developed. This is how it also seeks to generate a space for critical reflection and official recognition of the clinical practice of Social Work, highlighting the clinical practices implemented by Social Work professionals, either in public and / or private spaces of work. Latin American and Caribbean professional, as well as from related contexts. Jobs from other areas of mental health and their respective professionals are also accepted, as long as they are a direct contribution to Clinical Social Work.

The articles are expected to develop disciplinary scientific knowledge and generate a critical and socio-political debate on the clinical practice of Social Work. Promoting an ethically responsible, contemporary and collaborative vision with individuals, families and groups. Among the main topics addressed in the Latin American Journal of Clinical Social Work are:

Knowledge and Epistemes

  • Theoretical research, critical analysis and reflective-essays on the historical, epistemological, methodological and theoretical foundations of International Clinical Social Work and especially Latin America or of the context to the end.

Clinical practices


  • Systematization and research on clinical practices of Social Work with individuals, families and groups in public and private devices, thus providing a space for systematized and operationalized visibility of contemporary clinical practices.



  • Critical reflections and good disciplinary practices that contribute to the strengthening of the identity of the Clinical Worker in Latin America and the Caribbean, or other related countries.

Meetings and Links


  • Reviews, Analysis of Activities or other information that promote the critical and socio-political debate of clinical practice, as well as updating the advances of Clinical Social Work at the international, Latin American or Caribbean level.


The journal is mainly aimed at researchers or practicing professionals, who are linked to the development, legitimation and recognition of the contemporary clinical practice of Social Work or related areas. We are interested in maintaining a community of academics, researchers, professionals, both from Social Work, and from other disciplines of mental health who wish to contribute to the development of Clinical Social Work. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to an open, polyphonic space that can be useful for professionals related to these issues, as well as interested undergraduate and graduate students. 

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