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Training and Formation

As ICHTSC we are interested in offering education and training, through courses, colloquia, clinical sessions, seminars, among others.  activities;  in order to give  to know the most current developments in theory  and practice  Social Work clinic, both locally and internationally.  We are currently working to bring to our country the most relevant clinical social workers at the global level, as well as other well-known therapists.  On the other hand, our professional team offers knowledge and knowledge that can contribute to developing a situated, qualified and socially responsible clinical practice. Our activities are open to different professions and our  topics of interest are linked  to critical praxis, to the development of the disciplinary history of Clinical Social Work, to work with individuals, families and groups from contemporary perspectives, and mainly with those populations that experience situations of oppression, vulnerability and discrimination. Our clinical perspective is broad, comprehensive and multiparadigmatic, since we are interested in maintaining a practice that responds to the current world, to public and private settings, and that is committed to Social Justice.

Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Copia de Seminario Dr. Regalado (Post de Inst


Therapeutic approaches and practices in sexual abuse, serious abuse and neglect: A contemporary view from Clinical Social Work

(Open convocatory)

February 22, 23, 24 and 25, 2021



Clinical Social Work with Boys, Girls, Adolescents and their Families:  Identity, Narrative and Play

(Already done)

November 16 to 20,  2020



Trauma-Informed Clinical Social Work: A Strengths-Based and Narrative Perspective

(Already done)

January 18, 19, 20 and 21, 2021

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